Li named Wilson Professor of Engineering

Jr-Shin Li, PhD, a professor of systems science and mathematics in the Preston M. Green Department of Electrical & Systems Engineering, has been installed as the Newton R. and Sarah Louisa Glasgow Wilson Professor of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. Although he received the professorship title in 2021, his installation ceremony was delayed […]

Artificial intelligence identifies, locates seizures in real-time

Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis’ McKelvey School of Engineering have combined artificial intelligence with systems theory to develop a more efficient way to detect and accurately identify an epileptic seizure in real-time. Their results were published May 26 in the journal Scientific Reports. The research comes from the lab of Jr-Shin Li, professor in the […]

Finding first principles last: A new control methodology

If an aeronautical engineer wants to make sure a plane stays steady in the air, she might first build a computational model, feeding into it variables such as information about the plane’s weight or the thrust that can be achieved, together with the laws of aerodynamics, which account for how a plane moves through the […]