McKelvey School of Engineering

Bayly named inaugural Lee Hunter Distinguished Professor

Philip V. Bayly, PhD, an innovative researcher of waves and oscillations in the mechanics of cells and biological tissues, has been named the inaugural Lee Hunter Distinguished Professor in the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis.

Bayly, who has been chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science since 2008, was installed Oct. 28, 2020.

“It is fitting that Phil Bayly will be taking on the Hunter professorship. Like Lee Hunter, Professor Bayly’s work showcases the importance of creativity in engineering,” Chancellor Andrew D. Martin said. “This creativity will certainly revolutionize the way society understands and treats head trauma.”

“Lee Hunter’s work revolutionized the automotive industry, and his legacy persists, thanks to his stepson, Stephen Brauer,” Martin said. “We are grateful for the Brauers continued, generous support of Washington University in St. Louis, and honored to help keep Hunter’s legacy alive with the Lee Hunter Distinguished Professorship.”

“Phil Bayly is not only an exceptional engineering researcher who is looking at the mechanics behind traumatic brain injury as well as other areas of mechanobiology, but he’s also an outstanding engineer, as well as leader and teacher,” said Aaron F. Bobick, the James M. McKelvey Professor and dean of the McKelvey School of Engineering. “While Phil will tell you that his best days are the ones he gets to work in his lab with his students on their research, his engineering leadership is always present. When the COVID-19 pandemic created a potential for a shortage of ventilators, he organized a team of mechanical and electrical engineers to create emergency ventilators that could be locally manufactured and immediately deployed.  We are grateful to the Brauer family for continuing to support outstanding faculty such as Phil Bayly as a way to honor Lee Hunter and his legacy.”

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