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Evan Gordon joins MIR

We are happy to share that Evan Gordon, PhD, joins our faculty as an assistant professor in the Neuroimaging Lab (NIL) effective September 1. Evan completed his BA in Psychology from Duke University and went on to earn his PhD from Georgetown University. After his doctorate, he completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the neurology department at Washington University, working with Steve Petersen, PhD, and Brad Schlaggar, MD, PhD. Evan then served as an assistant professor at Baylor University in their department of psychology and neuroscience.

Evan joins us from the Center of Excellence research center at the Veterans Affairs campus in Waco, Texas, where he served as the Acting Chief of the Neuroimaging Core. His expertise involves developing state-of-the-art imaging methods for characterizing human brain organization using structural and functional MRI data.

Please join us in welcoming him to MIR.


Tamara Hershey, PhD
James S. McDonnell Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
Chief, Neuroimaging Lab

Robert Gropler, MD
Professor of Radiology
Senior Vice Chair & Division Director, Radiological Sciences

Richard L. Wahl, MD
Elizabeth E. Mallinckrodt Professor of Radiology
Director, Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology