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Board of Trustees grants faculty appointments, promotions

At the Washington University in St. Louis Board of Trustees meeting March 6, several faculty members were appointed, promoted or granted tenure, effective July 1 unless otherwise indicated.

Appointment with tenure 

  • Stephanie Li as professor of English in Arts & Sciences; 
  • Alessandro Vindigni as professor of medicine, of pathology and immunology, and of biochemistry and molecular biophysics at the School of Medicine (effective March 6);
  • Beverly R. Wendland as professor of biology in Arts & Sciences; and
  • Sean J. P. Whelan as professor of molecular microbiology at the School of Medicine (effective March 6).

Promotion with tenure 

  • Deniz Aksoy to associate professor of political science in Arts & Sciences; …
  • Hiroko Yano to associate professor of neurological surgery, of genetics and of neurology at the School of Medicine (effective March 6); and
  • William W. Yeoh to associate professor of computer science and engineering at the McKelvey School of Engineering. 

Granting of tenure 

  • Baojun Jiang as associate professor of marketing at Olin Business School; and
  • Eric McDade as associate professor of neurology at the School of Medicine  (effective March 6).

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